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A.Conferences and Seminars 

  1. INSEARCH Conference: “International Integrative Research Conference on Governance in Society, Business and Environment” is organized by the Netinsearch International in collaboration with the  Department of Public Administration of Stamford University Bangladesh, Center for Administrative Research and Innovation (CARI) of the University of Dhaka, GAIN International, Australia, and Asian Conference on Population and Development (ACPD), China which is hosted by the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD).
  1. Asian Conference on Population and Development (ACPD): The conference is organized  under the leadership of Professor Xiaochun Qiao in China where Netinsearch International is a co-organizer along with other including the  Institute of Population Research at Peking University and Department of Population Sciences of the University of Dhaka 
  1. Seminar: Netinsearch International and the Department of Public Administration of the Stamford University Bangladesh jointly organizes monthly seminars on the different issues of governance. Especially the young scholars present their research work in the seminar. Distinguished academics and practitioners are invited as resource persons in the seminars. 

B.Community-Based Research Program

  1. Netinsearch International has undertaken a program by organizing the potential and capable researchers of a particular geographical/ administrative area into Community Based Research Group (CBRG)  to conduct researches on the issues affecting the community and present the findings in the Netinsearch organized seminars and conferences.
  2. Netinsearch International provides necessary academic and expert supports in designing a research proposal and conducting the research in any issue under the Netinsearch Research Areas.
  3. Netinsearch International has established a  Community Based Research Network (CBRN) including the CBRGs’members and the individuals interested in conducting research upholding the spirit- “Research for Realization”.

C.Publication of Journals

Netinsearch International has a window to publish research journals in collaboration with Osder Publications (  Netinsearch has a long term Memorandum of Understanding  (MoU) with Osder Publications in publishing journals related to different disciplines. Now five research journals including one published in Bengali journals are published under this agreement. The journals are as follows:

  1. Society and Change
  2. Journal of Governance and Innovation
  3. Journal of Business Management and Compliance
  4. Journal of Administration and Governance
  5. Somaj O Progati (Bangla research journal)

D.Netinsearch Research Program

  1. Netinsearch concentrates on research and studies on governance from a multidisciplinary disciplinary perspective in primarily ten broader areas. A team of expert researchers under the guidance of an adviser is responsible for researching each area.
  2. The broad research areas and issues under each area are as follows: 

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Broder Research Areas

Important Research Issues


Governance, Politics, and Administration

Governance, government, state,  globalization, politics and political economy, public policies and administration, international relations, geopolitics, conflicts, organization and management


Society, Family, Population, and Culture

Society, family, culture,  civilization, population, demographic dividend, migration, gender issues, social heritage, social sciences.


Education, Research, and Human Development

Education, research and knowledge management, human development, education policy, education system, nature types of education, e-learning, and teaching


Philosophy, Religion, Arts, and Literature

Philosophy and governance, eastern and western philosophies, religions, spirituality, ethics and morality, history, literature, folk literature,


Health, Diseases and Health Service Systems

Health, health services management, diseases, disabilities and disorders, Substance abuse, pandemic and epidemic management, community health, narcotics, and drug administration.


Agriculture and Food Security

Land, agriculture, agribusiness and manufacturing, Food Security, animal husbandry, poultry, horticulture, aquaculture, water bodies and river management, farmers cooperatives, agriculture education and training, agriculture administration.


Economy, Business, Industry, and Transportation

Economics, political economy, industrialization, market and illegal business operations, business, banking, finance, global supply chain, and corporate social responsibility.


Science and Technology

technological governance, Information technology, e-governance, e-commerce, and cybercrimes, Sciences and Technology in changing Society and Environment, Bio-sciences.


Development, Innovation, and Change

Development, Modernization, innovation and change, Development planning, Travel and Transportation and development agencies, Rural and Urban development, NGOs,


Nature, Environment and Disaster Management

Environment, conservation of nature, forestry,  energy, climate change, biodiversity and disaster management, tourism, eco-tourism, hospitality management, relief, and rehabilitation.


Media, and Communication

Media, communication, journalism, Social media and networking, social mobilization.


Law, Justice  and order administration

Law, justice, and human rights constitution and administrative law, Crimes, violence, and terrorism,

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