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About Netinsearch

Netinsearch International,

a network of integrative research, with the broader objective of  enhancing higher level study and research from holistic perspective and increasing human knowledge endowed with wisdom and thereby bringing positive change in realities involves in establishing, maintaining and running different institutionalized academic and research programs since its inception in 2014. It organizes an integrative research conference, INSEARCH, every year in collaboration with a number of institutions including Center for Administrative Research and Innovation (CARI) of University of Dhaka, Department of Public Administration of Stamford University Bangladesh, and Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), GAIN International, Australia and Asian Conference on Population and Development (ACPD), China. INSEARCH Conference specifically emphasizes on governance in society, business, technology and environment and by this time it has emerged as a multidisciplinary platform of academics and researchers across the boundaries and generations. Besides organizing prospective researchers with the spirit ‘research for realization; within integrative network, facilitating study and research it also publishes some journals for disseminating the research outputs. OBJECTIVES With a view to creating, disseminating and generating holistic knowledge and wisdom through integrative research and study for enhancing positive change in the realities, the functional objectives of Netinsearch International includes the following:

To establish, undertake and run research based universities, colleges including medical and technical colleges, schools and different educational, research and training institutes and get affiliation from proper authorities, and conduct academic programs in different disciplines and offering degrees.

To conduct multidisciplinary research in different fields and undertaking research projects including action research and community based research in continuous manner and to convey the research findings for using at functional levels.

To organize and hold conferences, seminars, workshops, group studies, and public lectures, individually and in collaboration with others to promote knowledge in different fields and disseminate research outputs.

To establish network with different universities, institutes and organizations, public and private , across the countries for conducting collaborative academic, research and other programs.

To establish interactive relationship among academics, researchers, public and private sector functionaries, business and industrial entrepreneurs as well as political and social leaders for sharing knowledge and experiences and fostering good and closer relationship and amity among them.

To undertake programs for developing research skills among  students and prospective researchers and support them with training, funding and other research grants.

To publish research journals, books, booklets, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, media houses and any other materials in print and digital forms individually and in collaboration with other institutions and publishers.

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