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Thematic Areas
  1. Governance, Public policy, public administration and management, leadership, innovation and change
  2. Environment, Energy ,climate change , biodiversity and Disaster management
  3. Economics, development ,Modernization, and development agencies
  4. Society, family , social dynamics and change,  population and migration
  5. Law, rule of law and human rights,
  6. Gender issues, women empowerment
  7. Globalization, industrialization ,market and Illegal business operations
  8. Information technology, e-governance, e-commerce and cyber crimes
  9. Business, Banking, finance, global supply chain and corporate social responsibility
  10. Tourism, eco-tourism, hospitality management
  11. International relations, geopolitics, conflicts. crimes , violence and terrorism
  12. Philosophy, ethics, religion and spirituality
  13. Politics, political institutions and political history
  14. Substance abuse: Control, management and rehabilitation
  15. Media, communication, journalism
  16. Education, Ethics and Knowledge Management
  17. History, literature, arts and culture
  18. Rural development ,local government ,agriculture modernization and agribusiness
  19. NGOs, Poverty alleviation, microcredit, social business and social welfare
  20. Disability and development ,
  21. Health and medicine, community health and health care management
  22. Sciences and Technology in changing Society and Environemnt 
  23. Agriculture, Bio-science 
  24. Food Security 
  25. Land, the Geography of Space and Urban Planning
  26. Travel, Transportation and Tourism
  27. Other issues related to conference theme

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