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Call for Papers

The INSEARCH - International Integrative Research Conference   with the spirit of “Research for Realization” aims at creating and generating knowledge from holistic perspective. It is jointly organized by the Netinsearch International -Network for Integrative Research, Center for Administrative Research and Innovation (CARI), University of Dhaka, Department of Public Administration, Stamford University Bangladesh, GAIN International and Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) annually on regular basis. The Insearch Conference is a gathering of researchers, academics, experts and practitioners of the respective fields and serves as a multidisciplinary avenue for high level interaction, discussion and debate in a supportive, relaxed and thoughtful atmosphere.

Emphasis of modernization on changing the endogenous characteristics of traditional societies, their socio-economic and political realities following the examples of western industrialized societies has produced diverse reactions. Premised on capitalist system it strives to provide western physical outlooks but in consequences, with other, generates widespread social alienation and accelerated unhappiness, and totally ignores the strengths of traditional values and institutions. It also brings environmental imbalances and alarmingly threatens symbiotic relationships between humans and nature. Governance from individual and national levels to global level steers the modernization process and is substantively responsible for all of its outcomes and impacts. All these realities elevate some unavoidable questions and debates that need to be properly addressed both from theoretical and practical perspectives.

The Insearch 2018: 5th International Integrative Research Conference on Governance and Modernization in Changing Environment   focuses on these issues within an integrative framework. It also includes a Research Colloquium as its integral part especially for graduate level students who are pursuing PhD or completed masters’ degrees and expected to be enrolled in any PhD program. The conference welcomes researchers, academics and practitioners who are actively engaged both in theoretical and practical aspects of governance, modernization and environment to submit their papers/research proposal (for colloquium) for consideration in the conference.


Thematic Areas:
  1. Governance, Public policy, public administration and management, leadership, innovation and change
  2. Environment, Energy ,climate change , biodiversity and Disaster management
  3. Economics, development ,Modernization, and development agencies
  4. Society, family , social dynamics and change,  population and migration
  5. Law, rule of law and human rights,
  6. Gender issues, women empowerment
  7. Globalization, industrialization ,market and Illegal business operations
  8. Information technology, e-governance, e-commerce and cyber crimes
  9. Business, Banking, finance, global supply chain and corporate social responsibility
  10. Tourism, eco-tourism, hospitality management
  11. International relations, geopolitics, conflicts. crimes , violence and terrorism
  12. Philosophy, ethics, religion and spirituality
  13. Politics, political institutions and political history
  14. Substance abuse: Control, management and rehabilitation
  15. Media, communication, journalism
  16. Education, Ethics and Knowledge Management
  17. History, literature, arts and culture
  18. Rural development ,local government ,agriculture modernization and agribusiness
  19. NGOs, Poverty alleviation, microcredit, social business and social welfare
  20. Disability and development ,
  21. Health and medicine, community health and health care management
  22. Sciences and Technology in changing Society and Environemnt 
  23. Agriculture, Bio-science 
  24. Food Security 
  25. Land, the Geography of Space and Urban Planning
  26. Travel, Transportation and Tourism
  27. Other issues related to conference theme



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