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The INSEARCH - International Integrative Research Conference   with the spirit of “Research for Realization” aims at creating and generating knowledge from holistic perspective. It is jointly organized by the Netinsearch International -Network for Integrative Research, Center for Administrative Research and Innovation (CARI), University of Dhaka, Department of Public Administration, Stamford University Bangladesh, GAIN International and Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) annually on regular basis. The Insearch Conference is a gathering of researchers, academics, experts and practitioners of the respective fields and serves as a multidisciplinary avenue for high level interaction, discussion and debate in a supportive, relaxed and thoughtful atmosphere.

Education is foundation of development, and neither education nor development is possible without appropriate governance. And of course, proper governance itself is impossible without appropriate educational backgrounds of those governing. Developing governance itself to higher levels will be a major aspect of the broader development process as a whole. This mutual relationship between the three – education, governance and development – applies in all cases, across the globe. However, the experience and practice in different nations worldwide, in this, are varied. The Insearch 2017: 4th International Integrative Research Conference on Education, Governance and Development focuses on interactive relationship among education, governance and development across the disciplines and practical domains. It also includes a Research Colloquium as its integral part especially for graduate level students who are pursuing PhD or completed masters’ degrees and expected to be enrolled in any PhD program. 

The Insearch 2017 conference would provide a platform for exploring diverse experiences and practices in the respective fields. That will be a very important way for learning from each other for the benefit of all interested in any of the aspects focused on. The conference welcomes researchers, academics and practitioners who are actively engaged both in theoretical and practical aspects of governance within the respective areas to submit their papers/research proposal (for colloquium) for consideration in the conference.


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