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Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas for the Papers

The main theme of the conference is People-Planet Relationship for Peace and Prosperity”.Interested authors are requested to submit their research papers relevant to the main theme and objectives of the conference and the research papers related to governance, society, business and environment, particularly focusing on the following broader research areas:

  1. Governance, Politics and Administration 
  2. Society, Family, Population, and Culture 
  3. Business, Economy, Industry, and Transportation
  4. Nature, Environment, climate change and Disaster Management
  5. Education, Training, Research, and Human Development 
  6. Philosophy, Religion, Ethics and Morality,
  7. Arts, and Literature
  8. Health, Diseases and Health Service Systems
  9. Agriculture and Food Security
  10. Science and Technology
  11. Development, Innovation, and Change
  12. Media and Communication
  13. Law, Justice  and Human Rights
  14. Others relevant areas

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