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Publishing Opportunites

I. Abstracts will be published in printed form in the Book of Abstract and in the edited Online Volume Proceedings of the INSEARCH 2016 both having ISBN.

II. Selected papers will be published in edited books and/or in the following journals.

  1. Journal of Administration and Governance (JOAG)
  2. Society and Change.
  3. Journal of Governance and Innovation.
N. B. Processing fees may be required for the purposes of revieweing and editing. 
III. Authors will have an opportunity to contribute to the Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy (GEPAPP) in governance section and as Springer reference author will be entitled to the following opportunities: 
  1. Access to the entire Springer Major Reference Works Collection: authors will receive access to our database of reference works with morethan 400,000 articles across all subject areas.
  2. Discount on Springer books: authors recieve a 33.3% discount on purchase of all springer books.
  3. First Publication: authors entries are publsihed online of springer links ( and can be cited immediately after publication.
  4. Updated content: authors are able to update their entries whenever developmnent warrants and without having to wait for a new edition to be published. 

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