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People-Planet Relationship for Peace and Prosperity

A peaceful and prosperous life is desirable by all in the world albeit it is difficult to integrate peace and prosperity with harmonious balance within the complicated dynamics of the environmental supra-system. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations through the 17 goals, 169 targets, and numerous indicators ultimately aim at ensuring Peace and Prosperity for People and Planet now and in future. People -planet relationship is one of the most determining factors that primarily and practically affect the state of peace and prosperity in human society. There are also enormous controversies in the understanding of peace and prosperity and it is hardly possible to attain any universal definitions. However, the member states of the United Nations have employed their relentless efforts to implement SDGs within their jurisdictions. But there are several unsettled issues in the people-planet relationship that constrain their efforts towards enhancing peace and prosperity as expressed theoretically.

On this backdrop, Insearch Conference: 9th International Integrative Research (Insearch) Conference on Governance in Society, Business and Environment will be held on February 23-24, 2024 with the main theme ‘People-Planet Relationship for Peace and Prosperity’ at Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Cumilla, Bangladesh. The Insearch conference is organized by Netinsearch International  - Network for Integrative Research in collaboration with Stamford University Bangladesh, Asian Conference on Population and Development (ACPD), China, GAIN International of Australia, EquJust of Tampere University in Finland, and Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD) Cumilla, Bangladesh.

Based on the spirit of ‘Research for Realization’ Insearch Conference is a cosmopolitan gathering of researchers, academics, experts, and practitioners from different fields. It serves as a multidisciplinary avenue for high-level interaction, discussion, and debate in a supportive, relaxed, and thoughtful atmosphere. The 9th Insearch Conference particularly focuses on community-based research and invites all concerned to submit their research papers for consideration at the conference.

Nature of the Conference

The conference is blended in nature and will be held both online and offline simultaneously. Only foreign participants are allowed for online participation without any registration fee if their full paper is accepted by the conference authority. The foreign participants can also join the conference in person with prior permission from the conference secretariat and by paying full registration fees. The local participants do not have any scope for online participation.


The main objective of the conference is to identify the relationship between peace and prosperity and the role of SDGs in ensuring peace and prosperity for people and the planet that particularly  concerns the following issues:

  1. To analyze the realities surrounding people and planets from a holistic perspective.
  2. To conceptualize peace and prosperity their relationship with Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs).
  3. To analyze the different dimensions of the environment, the nexus and interfaces among the dimensions and their relationship in the development process.
  4. To evaluate the current status of SDGs in the different socio-economic realities and the relationship among the different goals at the implementation level.
  5. To assess the relationship between environment and development, identify the existing problems and suggest necessary measures.

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