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Research Colloquium

Research Colloquium   

INSEARCH 2017- 4th International Integrative Research Conference on Education, Governance and Development houses Research Colloquium as its integral part for graduate students pursuing PhD or completed Masters and expected to be enrolled in any PhD program. Under the leadership of eminent scholars and professors from different disciplines the colloquium will take place during the conference on 18-19 December 2017 at BARD, Comilla. Participants are expected to deliver a presentation on an original research topic. Proposals should address a subject of scholarly significance related with the area of social sciences, humanities, business, technology and environment. Each research topic 25 minutes allocated for presentation, discussion and Q&A.

Submission Details

  1. To be eligible for consideration, participants must either be full-time PhD graduate students or MA students who are completing coursework toward an eventual PhD or completed Masters and highly interested to be enrolled in PhD program.
  2. The submission  will require  the followings:
    1. your proposal title,
    2. a 500-word abstract, CV, and
    3.  a brief personal research statement describing the relationship of your research  with  the broader thematic areas of the conference i.e. education, governance and development.
  1. Accepted papers of research colloquium need to complete registration as per as the registration fee of the conference.
  2. For submission of abstract for research colloquium please follow the Submission and Important Dates of mentioned in the website.

Colloquium Faculties

Insearch Conference assembles renowned faculty from different countries including U.S.A, Canada, China, Singapore, Australia, and Bangladesh.  

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